Copper and Slate Roofing Contractor in Eastern MA

We install and repair both copper and slate roofs. Copper roofs are durable and corrosion-resistant while maintaining a stylish appearance. Slate roofs are extremely durable and resistant to both water and frost.

Slate roof with copper valleys Slate roof with copper valleys
Slate roof shingles Slate roof shingles

Slate Roof Features

  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to water and frost, which makes this a great option for a New England home
  • High home resale value because of slate's longevity
  • A properly installed slate roof can last up to 100 years
  • Slate roofs are notoriously difficult to install, but Pratt and Son specializes in slate roof installation

Copper Roof Features

  • Durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Stylish and prestigious appearance
  • The color can change depending on location, creating a unique look
  • Can be molded into complex shapes, perfect for valleys, corners, or irregularly-shaped roofs

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